Motorists urged to ‘belt up to save lives’

Motorists urged to ‘belt up to save lives’

Gwent Police is urging motorists to wear seatbelts in a bid to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

People who did not wear a seatbelt are more likely to be killed or seriously hurt if they are involved in a collision.

Last year, 25 per cent of drivers who died in road traffic collisions in Gwent were not wearing a seatbelt.

The force is supporting a national campaign from The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) to educate drivers about the importance of seatbelt use and to take enforcement action against those caught not wearing a seatbelt.

Inspector Jason Williams, of Gwent Police, said “Each life lost leaves a family devastated by the decision to not wear a seatbelt. We are urging drivers to not put themselves or others at risk.

“Whether you’re heading out on a journey to work or travelling locally, please wear a seatbelt at all times as not wearing a seatbelt can be a fatal decision even on short, familiar journeys and at low speeds.

“We have zero tolerance for those who choose to put lives at risk by not belting up and officers will be stepping up enforcement activity during the next few weeks to keep our roads safe.”

In the UK, if a seatbelt is fitted it is a legal requirement to wear it.

Failure to do so can result in an on-the-spot fine of £100. If prosecuted the maximum fine is £500.

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