More than a third of drivers aged between 17 and 24 are putting off key repairs to their vehicles in an attempt to reduce their outgoings, a new report has shown.

The 2022 RAC Report on Motoring – which spoke to 3,102 motorists across all age groups – has found that nearly a fifth of young people are delaying major repairs – which could include aspects such as a faulty handbrake or cracked windscreen – while 28% are leaving minor repairs, which could consist of minor oil leaks or the replacement of brake discs.

In addition, young drivers are more than twice as likely as the average to admit to delaying having repair work done, with owners of cars aged over 10 years and those who live in town or city centres also more likely to have delayed repair work.

Rod Dennis, RAC spokesman, said: “Without question, putting off vehicle repairs or skipping routine servicing are both false economies, but these figures show in all-too-stark terms just how many drivers, especially younger ones, feel they have to do this to lower their spending in the face of rising prices.”

Drivers of all ages are more inclined to skip repairs as a way of saving money than they are to reduce how often they service their vehicles or change to a cheaper insurance provider. Just 9% of drivers say that they are servicing their vehicles less frequently than usual, in fact.

Dennis added: “Increasing prices are hitting drivers from all directions at the moment. If the high cost of fuel isn’t bad enough, drivers who do the right thing and take their vehicles to a garage will also see larger bills.

“It’s unfortunately the case that an enormous number of car components and consumables are affected by rising material prices, whether that’s oil that goes into making tires or is simply used as a lubricant, or steel that goes into shock absorbers.”


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