These are the first images of Vauxhall’s new Zafira Tourer, which features an enhanced exterior and interior design, cutting-edge connectivity via OnStar, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and innovative Adaptive Forward Lighting LED headlamps.

The new Zafira Tourer, which will be in showrooms in October, also retains the features its predecessor was renowned for including Flex7 seating system, ergonomically-certified AGR front seats, the Flex-Fix bicycle carrier and FlexRide adaptive damping.

The latest generation IntelliLink infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and OnStar, including 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, make sure the new Zafira Tourer offers optimum connectivity. Vauxhall is also introducing full LED Adaptive Forward Lighting headlamps to the segment.


The new headlamp design, together with a completely new upper and lower grille, set the tone for the design of the new Zafira Tourer. The front headlights have been enhanced, while the sculptural chrome logo bar blends into the headlights making the car look wider. In addition, the typical, precisely chiselled ‘Vauxhall double wing’ daytime running lights characterise the new light cluster design. The wheels are pushed outboard and housed under a muscular wheel arch.

“The front design of the new Zafira Tourer takes the major characteristics of the award-winning new Astra, and anchors it in Vauxhall’s new portfolio.” said Brit Mark Adams, Vice President, Design Europe. “Its sharp, precise double-winged daytime running lights convey a new level of sophistication, which is also reflected in the interior by a completely redesigned instrument panel. It is purer, clearer and easier to use.”

On the inside, the new Zafira Tourer comes with a completely new interior and instrument panel, which offers greater forward visibility by utilising a completely new one-piece design. The screen of the infotainment system, which previously sat on top of the centre console, has been replaced with a new integrated screen. The lower position allows for many buttons to be eliminated with the switches now integrated into the overall design. The new seven-inch up-level touchscreen systems have been executed with quality inspired by top-of-the-range tablets. The new, three-dimensionally sculptured steering wheel with the small and efficiently packaged airbag cover is designed to not only look great, but to also put ergonomics at the forefront.

Vauxhall will offer two latest generation IntelliLink infotainment systems for the new Zafira Tourer. R4.0 IntelliLink will bring the world of smartphones to the car, offering both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Vauxhall will also offer Navi 950 IntelliLink for customers looking for an infotainment system with on-board navigation. Vauxhall OnStar is standard in the new Zafira Tourer with Automatic Crash Response and many other features, including Destination Download (with Navi 950) and 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, which enables up to seven devices to be connected.


Just like in the previous Zafira Tourer, the driver and passenger can enjoy a comfortable drive thanks to the optional six-way adjustable, ergonomically-certified AGR sport seats and the multi-functional FlexRail console system. The modular storage system includes a large storage box and cup-holders that slide on aluminium rails to the desired position. This enables flexible use of the generous storage space between the front seats, exactly where it’s most accessible and useful.

Passengers in the second row can enjoy the unique Lounge Seating system. Thanks to a clever folding mechanism, the back of the middle seat in the second row folds down and rotates to offer comfortable armrests for the passengers in the outer seats. These also slide to the rear and towards the centre of the vehicle, providing generous leg and shoulder room. The third-row seats can be folded down flush with the floor of the luggage compartment, creating a level load surface.

The feeling of comfort and space in the new Zafira Tourer becomes even more impressive when combined with the panoramic roof. The windscreen stretches from the engine hood up to near the B-pillar. The panoramic sunroof flows directly out of the windscreen and stretches to the rear of the vehicle.


The new Zafira Tourer offers much more than just an extremely comfortable way to travel, the interior can easily double as a small transporter. In a five-seat configuration, the new Zafira Tourer can carry a minimum load volume of 710 litres, increasing to 1,860 litres when the second-row seats are folded down.

The latest generation features more than 30 storage possibilities, including the FlexRail centre console. Additionally, the Flex-Fix rear-end carrier system offers an easy-to-use and practical solution for cycling enthusiasts. The integrated system slides out of the rear bumper and can accommodate up to four bicycles. As the loaded bicycle carrier can be tilted, the tailgate can still be opened even when Flex-Fix is fully loaded.


Vauxhall’s engineers have once again followed the strategy of making innovative technology available to a broad group of customers by introducing new Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) LED headlamps. The new AFL LED system automatically adapts the lighting patterns of the headlamps to the driving situation, so that the optimal light performance is given without dazzling other drivers. It features nine different functions and lighting patterns, including town or country lighting, tourist mode, a curve and cornering function, manoeuvring light and a stop mode light (eco).

The new generation Front Camera System has a positive impact on all the driver assistance functions it supports, including the High Beam Assist of the AFL LED lighting system and the Traffic Sign Assistant. Following Distance Indication (FDI) also utilises the front camera to detect moving vehicles ahead. While Forward Collision Alert provides visible and audible caution alerts when the distance between the car and the vehicle ahead diminishes too quickly. Lane Departure Warning is activated automatically at speeds over 37 mph and warns the driver if the lane is left unintentionally with a visual and an audible warning.

Two features available in the new Zafira Tourer that increase comfort and reduce stress for the driver are Adaptive Cruise Control and FlexRide. Enabled by a radar located behind the front grille, the Adaptive Cruise Control helps the driver to maintain the selected speed while keeping a pre-set distance to the vehicle ahead. In addition to speed, the desired gap to the vehicle ahead can also be selected by the driver. Elsewhere, the adaptive mechatronic FlexRide chassis continuously adapts vehicle behaviour to the driving situation, style and the individual preferences of the driver.


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