Automotive designers love hiding Easter eggs – little surprises tucked away in vehicles for no reason other than their own enjoyment… and ours.

In most new Vauxhalls, they take the form of a shark. Why a shark, you ask? Good question. As the story goes, one designer was tasked with a rather mundane task. Namely, to design the outer panel for the glove box in the Corsa. Pretty boring stuff, so his son (innocently enough) suggested drawing a shark instead. So he did. And when he showed it to his boss, they actually put it into the production model. And so the custom started.

Years later, another designer hid three sharks inside the Zafira, Adam, Astra and the Insignia. Even after being taken over by PSA, but the custom continues. They’ve put a few of them in the Crossland X and Grandland X, too. That covers most models.

“I always encourage our designers to hide sharks in the interior in all new designs,” said the company’s interior design director Karim Giordimaina. “Because these small, but sweet Easter eggs stand for what distinguishes us, We are passionate about every detail of our interiors, fanatic in our pursuit for quality, but always in a fun, approachable way,” adding that “journalists ask us where the sharks are when we present new models.”

So if you’re looking to embark on a bit of an automotive Easter-egg hunt this season, and have a Vauxhall on the driveway, just open the door and start poking around.



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