The Grand Tour is less than three days away from hitting our screens and just before it debuts, a new trailer has been released.

Interestingly, the trailer hasn’t been posted by The Grand Tour’s official YouTube channel and originally appeared in a channel called RJj Clips. It was soon removed for unknown reasons but has since been posted on another channel. Be warned, this copy could disappear at any moment.

As for the trailer itself, it details more of Jeremy Clarkson’s, James May’s and Richard Hammond’s crazy adventures set to feature in season 1 of the Amazon Prime show. Alongside the hypercar trio test we’ve been waiting for more than a year to see, the trailer shows Clarkson driving a white Alfa Romeo 4C Spider on the set of Game of Thrones.

Additionally, we see Clarkson on a jet ski racing alongside a massive catamaran, the trio driving three modified dune buggies right next to the ocean and James May shooting a machine gun from the back seat of an Audi A8.

To say we’re excited would be an understatement!



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