Make that almost lucky, because all the planned mayhem in this video does catch up to him in the end, in a very Looney Tunes type of way.

The Grand Tour continues its tour of teasers on the internet ahead of the show’s season 2 premiere a week today (December 8th), and this time, they went out of their way to show just how resilient (and lucky) James May, aka Captain Slow is.

Not only does he look impervious to tiles and even anvils falling off a building, he also lucks out by not accidentally drinking paint stripper and by not getting smashed to bits by a train while driving a Fiat Panda.

Speaking of which, we’re not sure if the producers of the show got another car specifically for this commercial, or if that’s actually James’ car. What we do know is that back in 2014, May wrote a column saying that his Panda was on its way out, soon to be replaced by a BMW i3.

Either way, the car is featured heavily in this video, and you might even feel sorry for it at the end. As for the only non-ailing Grand Tour presenter, maybe he should think about starring in a Die Hard reboot.



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