Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos never fail to rake in the YouTube views, and perhaps none have been so anticipated as Gymkhana 10.

The epic video finally dropped today, taking the pro driver and DC Shoes co-founder to five locations around the world to kill tyres in five different vehicles. Unless you’ve been dead or stuck on that weird asteroid that went through the solar system a few months back, you probably already know the details. For those that don’t, theirs a preview of the madness below.

For this episode of the tyre-smoking extravaganza, Mr. Block makes three stops across the U.S.A. along with trips to Mexico and Sweden, the latter of which doesn’t really slay tyres since the visit happened during winter, but that’s not the point.

The vehicles included a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta with 380 bhp in the icy backdrop of Sweden. The action then moves to the broken streets of Detroit with the infamous Hoonicorn Mustang, where its 1,400-bhp did, in fact, destroy tyres to biblical proportions.


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