Welshman James Williams and his co-driver Ross Whittock saw success in Belgium at the Ypres BRC Rally in their Network Q backed Vauxhall ADAM R2.

Not only was this his first Junior BRC Victory, but it was also the first time any driver from the UK has won the Ypres Rally in an R2 car. With a good pace from the start, the duo set the fastest time on stage one and found themselves settling into a good rhythm. At stage 11 however, their lead was lost due to a spin that caused them to drop 20 seconds.

They spent the next few stages pedal to floor clawing their way back to within one second of William Creighton in a fierce battle. On stage 15 the Irishman fell victim to one of the infamous Belgian ditches which left Williams with a comfortable lead over the rest of the field to then secure his first ever victory in the Junior BRC. After finishing the same event in third place last season, Williams says his accomplishments ‘are way beyond what I could have dreamt for the event’.

Williams takes away from the event 1st RC4 1st FWD, JBRC honours (24th o/a) and the Junior Tony Pond Award. Not only that, the Network Q ADAM Williams and Whittock drove claimed the honour of the fastest R2 front-wheel drive car at the event.

Playing his joker card in Belgium gave him a further five points to put him at the top of the championship standings ready for next round of the BRC, the John Mulholland Motors Ulster Rally which takes place on August 17-18.



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