Jeremy Clarkson could be out of a job pretty soon – and he blames “idiot” Greta Thunberg for turning young people off cars.

The motoring broadcaster and writer lashed the teen climate activist in an interview with the Sun newspaper this week.

He told the paper TV motoring programs were effectively dead, because young people were no longer interested in cars, with Thunberg bearing much of the responsibility.

It comes just two months after the 59-year-old labelled Thunberg a “spoilt brat” who makes him “sick” in an epic spray in his newspaper column for The Sun.

But this time, Clarkson has taken aim at the 16-year-old Swede for making cars unpopular among youngsters.

And he says that could mean the end of motoring TV shows such as BBC’s Top Gear – which made him, co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May household names across the world – and the trio’s latest effort The Grand Tour.

“Everyone I know under 25 isn’t the slightest bit interested in cars – Greta Thunberg has killed the car show,” Clarkson told The Sun.

“They’re taught at school, before they say ‘Mummy and Daddy’, that cars are evil, and it’s in their heads.

“She’s an idiot. Going ’round saying we’re all going to die, that’s not going to solve anything, my dear.”

Richard Hammond also agreed.

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