In a recent article which Jeremy Clarkson wrote for the Sunday Times Magazine, there’s a page that states that The Grand Tour has its own punishing test track, in a secret location somewhere in Swindon. The listed highlights include an unexploded bomb, an electricity substation and an old lady’s house – so what location could be possibly be talking about?

Well for starters, how about RAF Wroughton?

RAF Wroughton is an airfield which sits about 4 miles (6 km) south of Swindon. It features several hangars, two fully maintained runways (with the longest being approximately 1 mile long), a collection of houses old nearby and is the home to Public Power Solutions, a commercial arm of Swindon Borough Council. Ticking a lot of boxes, isn’t it?

Should this actually turn out to be the location of The Grand Tour’s new test track (and I’d bet my house that it will be), how do you think they Clarkson & Co should configure the new track?


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