After Chris Evans let the cat out of the bag by confirming that Matt LeBlanc joined Top Gear, the BBC Radio 2 presenter made it clear that additional Top Gear cast members would be announced shortly. The question is, will Chris Harris join Top Gear or not?

As I’m sure you already know, Harris Monkey is a petrolhead that has worked as an automotive reviewer, writer, and editor. To name a few of the publications he has worked for, Evo, Autocar, and Jalopnik come to mind. Other than print and digital, Harris has gathered an impressive following on YouTube thanks to his hellbent for leather driving style and idiosyncratic reviewing style.

Until recently, rumor on the street was that Chris Evans would be joined on the new format of Top Gear by Nurburgring racing queen Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris. With Matt LeBlanc now on board, is there still a possibility for Sabine and Chris to join in?

During an interview with Joe Bradley of IMSA Radio, Sabine let it slip that she was “all the time with Top Gear, but not as an, um, host.” If my memory serves me well, The Stig is still the same guy from Top Gear’s pre-Evans era. This fact rules out the possibility of Sabine wearing white overalls and a white crash helmet.

It’s even more apparent if you consider that the British media caught Sabine and Evans tracking an Audi R8 in California last month. The bottom line is that Sabine has a 50:50 chance of getting a job with the BBC.

As for Chris Harris, just take a good look at the photo Evans tweeted only recently.

Isn’t it sort of fishy that the weekly Top Gear production meeting pictured on Twitter features Harris Monkey at the same table as head honcho Chris Evans? Don’t know about you, but this picture pretty much confirms Harris as one of the presenters of post-Jeremy Clarkson era Top Gear.

The first episode of Top Gear Series 23 is slated to air in May.^tfw



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