Now that the Insignia Grand Sport is official, GM’s next move is to present the Sports Tourer & the Country Tourer to the range.
Before the reveal the Insignia Country Tourer, artist Remco M used his Photoshop skills to speculate on how the newcomer will look. As expected from an all-roader, the most important visual differences between the Country and Sports Tourer models come in the form of plastic cladding and a higher ground clearance. The first-generation Insignia Country Tourer stands 20 millimeters higher than the Sports Tourer.

Remco M’s rendering also shows a subtle scuff plate adorning the front fascia. For the real-life model, it’s pretty certain it will also have underbody protection panels for added overlanding prowess. British company GKN will develop the all-wheel-drive system, which might not differ too much from the Grand Sport Twinster torque vectoring system.

GM has yet to detail exactly what sort of engines will be offered for the Insignia Grand Sport, but it’s very likely the Country Tourer will be provided with the best of the lot. Turbocharging, however, will be the building block for both petrol and diesel-powered units. An eight-speed automatic developed in-house by General Motors is the most likely candidate for shifting duty.




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