How many pink kittens can you see in THINK!’s latest road safety campaign?

THINK!’s newest video aims to stop drivers reaching for their mobile phone, by showing them how much detail they miss when they are distracted by their screen.

Shot in the style of a music video by the team behind Pharrell William’s film accompanying ‘Happy’, the camera pans down a busy street, which is littered with pink kittens.

The film asks the viewer if they can spot the cats.

Towards the end, a man is seen glancing at a pink kitten on his phone while driving his car. He doesn’t see a mother and child crossing the streets at traffic lights in front of him.

A driver travelling at 30mph will cover 100ft of road if they look at their phone for just 2.3 seconds.

That’s the length of a Boeing 737 passenger plane, the Department for Transport says.

Road safety minister Jesse Norman said: “The awful truth is that tens of thousands of drivers are still flouting the law and endangering others by using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel.”

Penalties for using a handheld mobile while driving were doubled to a £200 fine and six penalty points on March 1.

It means that drivers caught twice face a lengthy ban and also £1,000 fine. The punishment could also see new drivers who had passed their test within the last two years face losing their licence if caught just once.

More than 15,000 fines have been issued under the new penalties.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “The RAC’s latest research reveals that the problem is still at epidemic proportions with a hardcore of drivers persisting in texting, talking, tweeting and even taking photos at the wheel.

“We therefore welcome THINK!’s thought-provoking video, which highlights the dangers of a two-second glance at your phone while driving.

“Motorists risk a collision with potentially fatal consequences which could change their life, and the lives of others, forever.

“We hope that this will help persuade more drivers to put away their handheld mobile phone for good when driving and be phone smart.”



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