In this video, Auto Glanz walk you through how to fully decontaminate and clean your alloy wheels.

Please Note, We do not advise following this tutorial for every wash. Once you have completed a deep clean on your alloy wheels you can follow up with regular maintenance washes.

You can find the products used in this video by visiting the links below.

Products Used in this tutorial:

Stage 2 – Initial Cleaning:

AutoGlanz Alkalloy :

Stage 3 – Tyre Cleaning:

AutoGlanz Infinite :

Stage 4 – Tar Removal:

AutoGlanz Spar-Tar :

Stage 5 – Fallout Remover:

AutoGlanz Blood Tonic:

Stage 6 – Clay Bar:

AutoGlanz Lubed:

WoWo Clay Bar:

Stage 7 – Washing:

AutoGlanz Hoops:…

Stage8 – Polishing:

AutoGlanz AIO:

Stage 9 – Protection:

AutoGlanz Shield:

Stage 11 – Tyre Dressing:

AutoGlanz Uber Schwarz:


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