Following these top tips you can have your glass looking perfect in no time.

Washing exterior glass first

If you’re dealing with exterior glass first, it’s a good idea to also wash your car first. Once all glass is dried, we recommend using two cloths – ideally dedicated towels just for glass cleaning. Cleaning glass in damp or sunny conditions is a big no-no, too, because the liquid can often evaporate before you even have time to start cleaning the glass.

Choosing the right product

Choose your glass cleaner carefully, and don’t use a household cleaner. Car and household glass are very different and don’t necessary work with the same products, so it’s best to buy a specialist glass cleaner for vehicles.

Using a specialist cloth

Cloth choice is also important, and a general cloth might not work as well, so it is definitely worth using a dedicated glass cloth instead. These cloths tend to have shorter piles, and make it easier to clean than if you were using a thick towel.

Two cloths is best

Spray the glass cleaner onto the windows and use one cloth to wipe the product around the glass, always work in straight lines, whether that being up and down, or side to side. Don’t work in circles, as this is when smears are more likely to occur.

Keep the second cloth dry

Next take the second cloth, which will remain the dry towel, and wipe off any residue left. Again, don’t do this with circular motions.

Check the car in the sun to ensure Once you’ve done this, it’s a good idea to pull the car into sunlight to check that you’re cleaned the glass properly. This is what’s imaginatively known as a ‘sun check’ in car valeting circles. If there’s any areas you’ve missed, or perhaps look a bit smeary, repeat the process again.

Think about protecting your exterior glass

For exterior glass, if you want to try and make it easier to clean next time, glass sealants can be used (think Rain X). These products can also improve visibility when driving in the rain, as their hydrophobic features allows the water to bead off the windows at higher speeds, and reduces the need to use your vehicle’s wipers.

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