The 2021 Mokka X, which might actually drop the X moniker, is said to ride on the PSA Group’s EMP1 platform, shared by the Corsa F, Peugeot 208 and the DS3 Crossback.

Spy photographers captured A prototype undergoing cold-weather testing in Sweden, and while it was fully camouflaged, certain design features weren’t that hard to make out – such as the overall shape or the GT X Experimental-like headlight.

With that in mind, Kolesa wasted no time and brought us these renderings of what he thinks the new Mokka from both a front and rear angles will look like. Of course, some of those features are based purely on speculation, but things like the C-pillar shape, hood design and overall form don’t seem that way off, especially if we factor in a little 2020 Corsa design influence.

One of the new Mokka’s biggest selling points could be its zero-emission characteristics, with a Vauxhall spokesperson confirming a few months ago that “an all-new next-generation Mokka X SUV will be fully electrified, and go on sale in 2020.”

Other improvements over the current variant should include a considerably more modern interior with a new dashboard design, flat-bottom steering wheel, new infotainment software and possibly an optional digital gauge cluster.


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