More than half of drivers wait more than two months before getting faults with their car fixed, a new survey has revealed.

A survey of 2,020 drivers revealed that not only do motorists put off repairs for two months, but also showed that over half couldn’t change a tyre if they needed to.

In fact, 14% of those questioned only fix faults when it’s urgent, while more than a quarter don’t know how to check the oil. And yet, despite motorists agreeing that repair costs could be cheaper if addressed earlier, UK drivers spend £574.50 a year on repairs.

Lucy Davies at Green Flag, who commissioned the survey, commented: “Green Flag would like to help educate drivers on the importance of consistent and timely vehicle maintenance.

“Regular car inspection, maintenance and repair will ensure that future repair costs are minimised, hence we encourage all UK drivers not to underestimate the importance of proper car care”.

Green Flag says that each week, drivers should be alert to signs that a car isn’t running as smoothly as normal and listen out for if the engine turns over more slowly than usual when started – this could be a sign of a battery nearing the end of its life.

In addition, tyres should be checked each week for any cuts, damage or reduction in pressure.


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