We’ve been here before: back in 2013, Opel presented a very attractive concept that was supposed to change the design of its future models, and yet the beautiful lines of the Monza concept are still to be truly seen on production models. Let’s just hope the Opel GT Concept will break the mold and prove to be more than just a show car.

Mr. Adams, the man who designed the GT Concept, begins his walkthrough with the front end of the car. He emphasizes the shark-like snout and, for once, we too can see what can usually only be found in the designers’ minds. The GT has the LED signature DRLs, but it also comes with smart LED matrix headlights, something that’s quickly becoming the norm on more expensive models. Opel, however, has made a badge of honor out of the fact that it makes high-end technology available on mainstream cars. And that seems to be the case here as well.

Moving on to the side, the GT Concept’s shape is supposed to hint at the layout of the car: front-mid engine with rear-wheel-drive. Well, the long hood is clearly hiding an engine under it, so that’s taken care of, as for the RWD part, the exaggerated haunches at the back acquaint themselves of the job perfectly.

The centerpiece of the exterior design, however, has got to be the door. Using the same technique as other concepts before it, the designers have hidden the side window to create something resembling an insect’s wing. Another great feature of the door is its single cut, a curvy line that runs all the way from behind the front wheel to the top of the door.

But things get really interesting once you open the door. Due to its weird shape that extends all the way to the front wheel, the space usually taken by the front side panel is now part of the door. When opened, it pivots inside, creating even more drama. And that drama is continued on the inside, where the cocoon-like feel that Marc Adams was mentioning while speaking of the exterior really starts to take shape.

The GT Concept appears to be on par with the most sophisticated cars out there in terms of technology, boasting gesture control interface, a 3D virtual instrument cluster and video cameras for side mirrors. The whole car appears to be a very neat and coherent package, and it really is a shame Opel will not make anything remotely similar. But it’s still enough to give us hope for a revival of the brand that has suffered due to poor quality interiors and outdated technology and design. If the GT Concept is a look at the things to come out of Russelsheim in the following years, we’re game.




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