All grey motorway speed cameras are to be painted yellow in an attempt to placate motorists who believed they were painted grey to camouflage them.

It was previously argued that it was unnecessary to further use taxpayers money to highlight the camera boxes as there are very large, clear and repeated warning signs alerting drivers that the speed cameras were ahead.

Many of those that did see the signs and got ticketed, did not believe them because they didn’t see a familiar yellow box and they saw a clear stretch of road in font of them.

By next October, 200 of these so called “stealth” cameras will be repainted.

Edmund King, president of the AA believes it is money well spent: “Motorists will be delighted because there has been a lot of uncertainty about whether they can see speed cameras on the motorways or not. It has led to a lot of erratic driving on the M1 and bits of the M25 because drivers are unsure what is and isn’t a camera”.

Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin said: “We are on the side of honest motorists. I’ve always been clear that cameras should be visible and get used for safety rather than revenue raising. This move is about applying common sense to our roads. Speed cameras should make journeys safer rather than lead to dangerous braking. I’m delighted Highways England have agreed to meet our timetable to achieve this.”



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