After having multiple celebrities meet with “unfortunate accidents” all throughout season one, The Grand Tour will now feature weekly celebrity guests pitted against each other.

The segment will be called “Celebrity Face Off”, and each week we’re going to see two big-name stars trying to set fast laps on the show’s brand new track.

Among these celebs will be the likes of Luke Evans, Kiefer Sutherland, Hugh Bonneville, Kevin Pietersen, Dominic Cooper, Dynamo, Rory Mcllroy, Michael Ball, Alfie Boe and more.

As for the very first episode of The Grand Tour’s second season, which airs on December 8th on Amazon Prime, we’ll see none other than David Hasselhoff from America’s Got Talent, take on The Voice UK’s Ricky Wilson.

“I’m basically an actor, I’m not really a good driver but I just look good doing it,” said the Hoff, with Wilson adding that even though he’s “fiercely competitive” and unaware of the lap results, “it’s OK if Hasselhoff beats me because he’s my hero! I really enjoyed it and I hope it looks as good on TV as it felt being in the car.”


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