Given how expensive fuel cell systems are to produce, it’s not surprising that two of the world’s leading automakers have decided to join forces to help further develop this advanced technology.

According to a report by the The Asahi Shimbun, Honda and General Motors are teaming up to build a plant for hydrogen fuel cells.

Details about the deal are scarce, but it is believed that production will hit full stride by 2025. While the two may create fuel cells together, each one will develop its own vehicles.

Discussing the collaboration, a senior Honda official said: “By cutting costs with General Motors, we hope to increase our FCV production capacity to help achieve the government’s goal.”

Since 2013, the two automakers have been developing hydrogen tanks together.

This is far from the first time of a joint effort regarding fuel cell plants; Toyota and BMW are working together as are Nissan, Ford and Daimler.




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