A 18 year old from Newport now has one of the largest and most unusual garden ornaments in history, after a 2.4-metre (8-feet) tall version of Richard Hammond’s head was installed in the front garden of his parents house.

The fiberglass sculpture has been transported around the world, in order to promote The Grand Tour. But now, after more than 30,000 miles which took it through Sydney, Seattle, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London, Hammond’s head will now spend the next 3 weeks outside the home of Tom Wells who entered the competition “for a bit of a laugh.”

“It all become a bit real now though,” laughs Tom, who insists both mum and dad (along with the neighbours) are perfectly ok with the fact that, for next three weeks, they’ve got the largest and most unusual-looking garden gnome propping up their rockery.

“The lorry came and dropped it off over the weekend, so there’s no going back now.”

Nevertheless, it is for a good cause. “If people want to pop by and take a selfie with Richard’s head they can make a small donation – or a large one if they’d prefer – to the Wales Air Ambulance.”

Busts of Hammond’s Grand Tour co-presenters have also found homes in front yards elsewhere in the UK, Jeremy Clarkson ending up in Surrey and James May finding a temporary home in Manchester.



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