Anyone who’s ever gotten a car sliding sideways will tell you that drifting can be a heck of a lot of fun. But if they’re being perfectly honest, they’ll also likely tell you how frighteningly dangerous it can be – especially in any environment outside of a closed track (with plenty of run-off area) in all but the most expert hands. So the closest “the rest of us” may want to get is in a video game.

Fortunately that’s just what Microsoft and its tail-happy programmers at Turn 10 Studios have in store for us with their latest downloadable content package. Set to be released for both Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4, the Formula Drift Car Pack brings no fewer than seven purpose-built virtual drift machines to our Xbox consoles or desktop computers.

Among them are three drifters based on the Nissan 240SX (from the 1995, ’96, and ’97 seasons) – otherwise known (in the Japanese Domestic Market) as the Silvia. For those less-than-diehard Datsun fans, they’re joined by a BMW 325i (from 1989), a Ford Mustang (2015), a Holden HSV Gen-F Maloo ute (2016), and a Dodge Viper SRT10 (2006) – all geared towards sliding sideways in virtual bliss.

Just check ’em out in the action-packed, minute-long trailer below, compiled from actual gameplay footage, set to “Born For Greatness” by Papa Roach. If this doesn’t get your gamer’s heart racing, we don’t know what will.

The latest car pack will be available for Forza Motorsport 7 in the fall, and will come with Forza Horizon 4 to those who pre-order it digitally now.



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