As we reported back in May 2016, Fifth Gear hasn’t been re-commissioned for a new season. The sad announcement came courtesy of Tiff Needell on his personal Twitter account. Now, though, the racing driver equivalent of the Sultan of Swing reiterated that the future of the car show is still undetermined. While we wait anxiously for news on the 26-season strong motoring program, Tiff amuses himself with a recreation of a Fifth Gear segment made with LEGO bricks.

To be a bit more specific, a recreation of the segment in which the 64-year-old host drives the wheels off the ICON 4×4 FJ and Toyota Land Cruiser FJ. Uploaded on YouTube by RM8 LEGO Technic Garage and produced in association with television production company North One Television, the LEGO replication features vehicles “made of 100% LEGO.”

RM8 LEGO Technic Garage also notes that “this is not a set, but custom LEGO creations. Cars controlled with Bluetooth Smart Brick receivers. Some footages were accelerated 2x or 4x times for better dynamic! Real LEGO models are slow, but powerful!” The result speaks for itself.

Even in LEGO-vision, this is a great watch. Personally, seeing the ICON 4×4 FJ and the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ being driven in the Rowher Flats is better than a fast car at full opposite lock around a race track. It just is, OK?

In related news, Jonny Smith is a scriptwriter and presenter for the BBC car show MotorHeads. Vicki Butler-Henderson, on the other hand, is posting pictures of various cars on her Twitter account. Still, Vicki is looking as cheerful as ever. Here’s hope the three will be back together on Fifth Gear.







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