Goodwood Festival of Speed has revealed that the 2022 edition’s theme will be ‘The Innovators – Masterminds of Motorsport’.

Each year the world-renowned automotive festival has a main theme, often celebrating legendary car manufacturers or icons of the industry.

This year’s theme highlights the event’s increasing focus on technology. This will be achieved by showing the ‘human stories of engineering ingenuity’ as well as shining a light on the next-generation visionaries.

The theme will see relevant cars and drivers heading up the famous hill climb as well as special guests and interactive displays.

A key part of this year’s theme will centre around Goodwood’s Future Lab. Introduced in 2017, it will return in 2022 with exhibitors from mobility, robotics, aviation, healthcare and more.

Debuting last year, the ‘Electric Avenue – The Road to 2030’ will return as the home of electric vehicles at the show, and will be host to a variety of experts who will be on hand to answer visitors’ questions.

The Duke of Richmond said: “This year’s Festival theme allows us to celebrate some of the greatest achievements in history, while also highlighting the event’s evolving focus on future technology.

Electric Avenue
(Mike Caldwell)

“Just as race-inspired innovations such as four-valve engines, monocoque chassis and turbocharging have shaped the past and present of the cars we drive in the real world, so electrification, autonomy and other new technologies – the development of which is accelerated by the white heat of competition – will have a profound effect on the future of personal mobility.”

Those planning on attending this year’s event this summer can take advantage of reduced ticket prices until March 31. The Festival of Speed qualifies for the Government’s ‘creative industry tax relief’ initiative, which gives a reduced VAT rate of 12.5 per cent. Tickets will return to the full VAT amount of 20 per cent from April 1.


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