Discovery has announced today that longtime co-host and orange-glove extraordinaire Edd China will be departing Wheeler Dealers after 13 seasons on the show.

Despite the move, the show has been renewed for season 14, with former “For The Love of Cars” host Ant Anstead taking over spanner duties.

In a move that shocked co-host Mike Brewer, Edd China will leave Wheeler Dealers to pursue other projects. Speaking to the Press Association, Brewer said: “I’m obviously upset and gutted that Edd’s decided to leave the programme because we’ve got a very strong relationship and a close bond after 13 years and 135 cars.

Discovery executive vice president Robert Scanlon thanked China for his years of dedication to the show. “While we’ll miss his signature orange gloves, we know that anything they touch will turn to automotive gold,” Scanlon said. “We’re committed to making Wheeler Dealers the best automotive series on TV, and feel Ant Anstead brings the in-depth knowledge our viewers crave and a unique style our viewers will love. He, Mike Brewer and the production team are laser focused on delivering the best car projects and best episodes possible.”

Anstead, a car builder and designer, has paid tribute to Wheeler Dealers and to the man whose big boots he’ll be filling. “As the first, original format for fans interested in fixing cars, it’s fair to say most TV motoring shows trace their heritage back to Wheeler Dealers,” he said. “I grew up watching and learning from Edd and Mike, and in recent years have come to know both as close personal friends. It is with Edd’s blessing that I join the team for this new and exciting challenge. I hope he and viewers enjoy what I bring to the show and recognize that for me it’s always been about the love of cars.”

Anstead is currently the world record holder for selling vehicles for the highest price in the World at auctions, and has been building custom-made cars ever since he was a kid. In addition to his role on Wheeler Dealers, he’ll also be hosting a new 10-part Channel 4 series “World’s Most Expensive Cars”, and is often seen hosting the live stages of some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious car shows.

Wheeler Dealers season 14 is set to debut Discovery in the UK towards the end of this year, and will see see Brewer searching the states coast-to-coast for the best vehicles to buy, restore, and sell for a tidy profit. Well, hopefully!



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