It has been over 18 months since everyone’s favourite mechanic Edd China announced that he was leaving Wheeler Dealers, with many fans wondering what he’s been up to during that time.

Well apart from creating a pilot episode of Edd China’s Garage Revival and working on a new series called Built by Many, China is also back on a YouTube channel you’d least expect. He’s on Wheeler Dealers.

Over the past few months, Wheeler Dealers have steadily ramped up their onslaught of publishing Edd China related videos, outnumbering those featuring current co-host Ant Anstead by a factor of 2:1 over the past month alone.

While there’s nothing to stop Wheeler Dealers from publishing the episodes online – they own the rights to the episodes even after China’s departure – it is more than a little strange that the emphasis is weighted so heavily towards Edd instead of doing more to promote Ant and his new role on the show.

Edd China revealed that he decided to leave Wheeler Dealers in early 2017 because Velocity planned to reduce the ‘workshop’ aspect of the show for the upcoming season. “This new direction is not something I am comfortable with as I feel the corners I was being asked to cut compromised the quality of my work and would erode my integrity as well as that of the show,” he said at the time. “So I have come to the conclusion that my only option is to let Velocity get on with it, without me.”

The other half of Wheeler Dealers, Mike Brewer, publicly countered Edd China’s claims. “There’s no way on earth that anyone has ever suggested that the mechanical content of the show is going to be reduced,” Brewer said. “Where that came from, I don’t know. It is not going to be reduced, Discovery channel are not going to change the format one iota.”

Series 15 of Wheeler Dealers is currently on break, and will most likey return in October 2018 with the remaining 8 episodes.



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