The DVLA has issued a timely seasonal warning to drivers who are taking their cars abroad this summer, reminding them not to take their vehicle abroad without the V5C logbook on board.

The agency is also keen to remind drivers with leased or hired cars that they will need to bring along a ‘vehicle on hire’ certificate, or VE103, from their rental or leasing provider.

The VE103 certificate is an authenticated extract of the logbook with all the useful information that a continental police officer might require, and ensures drivers have the correct documentation to legally travel in Europe in a hire vehicle.

On average around four million British drivers travel to Europe each year and with the popularity of personal leasing in the UK, Nora Leggett from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association said: ‘We believe thousands of motorists could inadvertently flout European legislation when driving across the Channel this year by travelling without the correct documentation.

‘We ask that drivers who lease or rent their car to tell their rental or leasing company now before the summer holiday peak so that the VE103 certificate can be processed and sent in plenty of time to avoid the prospect of stiff financial penalties, delay and upset to holiday plans.’

Leggett also warns about the importance of looking after other things that a driver might take for granted: ‘Checking arrangements for European breakdown cover is crucial for drivers because repair costs can easily spiral and it is also essential that drivers have fully comprehensive insurance cover for their trip.

‘If in doubt, speak with your leasing provider or rental company and they will give you all the information you will need for a safe and compliant trip to Europe this summer.’



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