Motorists who kill or cause serious injury to others will face tougher sentences which include life in prison, with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) now looking to raise the maximum penalties for offenders.

Under these new proposals, drivers causing death by speeding, street racing or while distracted by their mobile phone are to face the same sentence as drivers charged with manslaughter.

What this means is that the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving would go up from 14 years to life, which would also apply to drivers causing death while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as reported by Auto Express.

As for those causing serious injury, the MoJ is looking to introduce a new penalty system as well where they could receive a maximum prison sentence of three years. The consultation will run until February 1st 2017.

Last year alone, 1,713 people were killed in road accidents in the UK, with 22,137 being seriously injured. That same year saw 122 people sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving and a further 21 convicted due to careless driving.

“Killer drivers ruin lives. Their actions cause immeasurable pain to families, who must endure tragic, unnecessary losses,” said Justice Minister Sam Gyimah, before adding that his message is quite clear – “If you drive dangerously and kill on our roads, you could face a life sentence.”



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