Decent price drop on this when you consider the SD card and case are thrown in. Has everything you’d expect from a modern dashcam, with 1080p HD recording and a wide 140 degree view. 

Nextbase 212 Professional Car Dash Dashboard Camera SD Card and Case Bundle £49.95 @ eBay velocityelectronics

  • The Nextbase 212 is the first of its kind to include the innovative Click&Go Magnetic Powered Mount. Its ease of use and competitive price point reinforces Nextbase’s position as the most popular dash cam brand in the UK and makes the 212 perfect for the younger driver.
  • With an all-new design, the 212’s Powered Magnetic Click&Go Mounting system uses magnets and powered touch points in the mount, allowing the dash cam itself to be free from wires, making instant removal and re-application of the device simple and quick – the ultimate in convenience.
  • Its 1080p HD footage filmed through Six-Element (6G) Sharp Lenses make it the best HD dash cam at its price point- an ideal choice for the newer driver.
  • 140 degree wide angle view with full 1080p High Definition recording at 30fps. Ultra clear 2.7″ LED display for ease of playback and menu selection.

The Nextbase Dash Cam 212 offers high quality footage, recording in Full 1080p HD at 30fps. The 212 uses the latest 6G glass lenses which provides a wide 140 degree viewing angle to capture both sides of the road whilst maintaining image clarity. It’s one of Nextbases’ first Dash Cams to come with the Click & Go Powered Magnetic Car Mounting system. The mount makes installation easy, just simply slide your Dash Cam onto the mount with the aid of inbuilt magnets and off you go! The power of the Dash Cam runs through the mount so no need to worry about wires and the camera will automatically turn on when you start your vehicle and off when you stop. This small and handy Dash Cam can easily be tucked away behind your rear view mirror, ensuring your journeys are captured at all times!

In the box

  • Nextbase 212 Lite Dash Cam
  • Click & Go Powered Mount
  • Power Cable
  • Instructions
  • Nextbase Case
  • 8GB Nextbase SD Card
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