It seems that Vauxhall’s fight against bad parallel parking continues, only this time, they’re trying to go beyond the “human element” and show that you can teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak.
Meet Gerty the Boxer, the star of Vauxhall’s new #ParallelBarking video. This clever little fella is featured in a minute-long clip where it basically looks like the dog is executing the parallel parking maneuver, without any human assistance.

That’s not something that people walking around Wimbledon High Street have ever seen before, which is more than evident from their reactions.

The car that Gerty is using is a brand new red Vauxhall Corsa SE, which can be purchase from £13,500 for 1.4-liter ecoFLEX with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Though, if you’re mainly interested in the Park Assist feature, you can even get it as an optional extra to the entry-level model.

While trying be funny, Vauxhall mentioned how Gerty was promoting the system by saying that “people are often worried, even scared of parallel parking, especially if you’ve just passed your test and driving in a busy, built-up area. Through my acting debut in the Corsa with Advanced Park Assist I’ve demonstrated how this technology can help you find a parking space and steer you into the spot. You’d be barking mad not to try it out.”

The part about people being worried is actually true, as plenty of new drivers feel intimidated when having to figure out how to perform a parallel parking maneuver. Thankfully driving schools aren’t planning on removing this lesson from their curriculum any time soon, regardless of how good automobiles are getting at parking themselves.




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