The teasers for the second season of The Grand Tour continue as the show has released a new clip which features the hosts debating who’s going to call “The American” and tell him he’s fired.

In the video, Clarkson says “We’re going to have to get rid of him” and Richard Hammond responds “Yeah, well he annoys people.” Clarkson goes on to say “He annoys me” as James May walks in and asks if they’re talking about him.

Clarkson eventually calls former NASCAR driver Mike Skinner and tells him that Hammond doesn’t think he should be part of the show next season. After a few seconds, Clarkson says Skinner hung up on him and the hosts agree they need to fund a replacement. Clarkson says they’ll need to hold auditions and the requirements are they “mustn’t be fat, clumsy, or slow.”

It remains unclear who will replace Skinner but he has previously said “I agree with many of you that it sucked – if you’re gonna wear Evil Knievel’s firesuit, you need to be Evil Flipping Knievel! Peace out.” Skinner also said he wishes the show and its hosts the best of luck.

The second season of The Grand Tour lands on Amazon Prime Video on December 8th.



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