Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May of The Grand Tour concluded the 3rd season’s finale with an emotional send off, one that marks the end of the “audience, track, and tent” format for the show.

The episode, which focused entirely on the legacy and history of the Ford Mondeo, features a documentary style video set on the family saloon car made popular by working class motorists. The episode features the Mondeo’s predecessors — the Cortina and the Sierra — and paid tribute to the current 4-door’s heritage as Ford is preparing its discontinuation.

As the episode concludes, Jeremy Clarkson announced — with teary eyes and a choked-up voice — that the “show as you know it is ending.” The trio explains that the show’s format will differ for the upcoming season, one without the audience, the Eboladrome racetrack, and the tent-studio where the shows take place.

Before closing, the hosts initiate a commemorative video that not only showed footage of the previous Amazon-based Grand Tour seasons, but also shots and scenes with their “previous employers at the BBC.”

Amazon has tweeted clarity on the matter, that the show will continue, however will focus on individualized road trips and specials rather than mini films, guests and conversations with an audience.


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