Chris Harris will continue his famous series of online videos.

The new set of videos will be available exclusively on the Top Gear website, the place where “the Master of Sideways” will be presenting the world’s most exciting cars.

The new segment will only feature Harris (guests are not excluded, mind you), and comes to the request of his die-hard fans, which have complained about his lack of videos once he was drafted to join the Top Gear team.

In addition to these videos, Mr. Harris will also appear on Top Gear, and Extra Gear, where some members of the team will show elements that did not appear on the main TV show.

Like his previous videos, the new section will include long-form, detailed, videos of cars Harris finds attractive. Hint: it will have supercars and just about any sports car available for testing.

The experienced automotive journalist has promised to make the videos just as they were on “Chris Harris on Cars,” with added slow-motion slides. This sounds savory for any car enthusiast that enjoys a proper review of a performance model, and Harris has proven him driving skills in the field.

Harris will continue working with Neil Carey for the editing and filming parts of these videos, as well as parts of the Top Gear production crew. His first objective will be to have fun, and doing this will ensure that he will make better films for hardcore car enthusiasts, Harris explains in an article on Top Gear.

The only added element, except for more slow-motion shots of cars being slid on the track, will be a bit of order. Harris admits to not being too organized, but he says that the Top Gear team will help him in this quest to “push the content as far and wide as possible.” TV viewers will not be able to see the videos made by Harris for this online-exclusive segment, as they will have to enter the Top Gear website to view them.



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