The “new” show will be called Chris Harris On Cars, a name used before for his YouTube channel. However, this will not be an independent enterprise for Harris, as it will be aired on BBC America.
The new show will be his fourth project, as he will remain in the Top Gear team, as well as Extra Gear, and The Drift.

The latter is a web-only show on, while Chris Harris On Cars will move from the Internet to TV. We expect to see the show on his YouTube channel after it is aired, if BBC America is kind enough to allow it.

Chris Harris’ new show will be a seven-part series, and will focus on his specialty – drifting high-performance cars. Harris is known and appreciated on the Internet for his in-depth reviews of cars, usually done with a sizable budget and at high speed.

Like other automotive journalists, he has a thorough understanding of technical complexities, so his opinion on the latest hypercars is worth your time. The videos are not bad, by the way, and they will probably be filmed by the same crew used on The Drift, his web exclusive, but this has not been elucidated yet.

Expect the new show, dedicated to the American audience, to be more like the old videos on his YouTube channel, but that aspect has not been detailed.

Chris Harris On Cars was launched on YouTube in 2014, and has gathered an impressive 250,000 subscribers, along with over 20 million views. His career in automotive journalism began at prestigious British magazine Autocar, where he became their official road-test editor.

Harris then launched a website dedicated to fast cars, back in 2008, and then joined various teams, including Evo, PistonHeads, and Jalopnik.



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