Chris Evans is reportedly set to have crisis talks with BBC bosses of his behaviour on the set of ‘Top Gear’.

Chris Evans is reportedly on his final warning at ‘Top Gear’.

The 50-year-old presenter will allegedly be told by bosses of the revamped BBC show to rein in his behaviour if he wants to return for a second series, following a string of complaints about him.

He is said to have been summoned for crisis talks with the BBC’s new entertainment boss Kate Phillips, who see co-host Matt LeBlanc as the future of the show if Chris doesn’t change.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Chris has annoyed a lot of the crew with his behaviour and by being a control freak. He’s now going to be told there will be changes and if he doesn’t like it then he should go.

“Kate’s background at the BBC is taking ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to the US and she knows what makes shows successful around the world.

“Matt is more well-known and popular with audiences, so Chris will take a back seat like he did towards the end of the series. The other presenters will have a more prominent role and it will be seen as an ensemble rather than Chris and his team.”

The crisis talks are planned for later this month once ‘Top Gear’ comes to the end of its six-show run on BBC2 this Sunday (03.07.16) and they can analyse worldwide viewing figures.

Last month, it was claimed former ‘Friends’ star Matt will walk away from the show unless Chris is replaced.

A source said: “The big question now is who goes and who stays.

“The team does not gel at all, and the atmosphere between the presenters is decidedly frosty. It’s very much a picture of him – Chris – and them.

“Matt has already indicated that he won’t continue on any further series if Chris remains a part of it. And he is far from the only one who isn’t happy.”



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