Former Top Gear presenter James May was caught speeding in London last month, right after he purchased a new Honda CBR 600 RR.

Well, the most docile of The Grand Tour trio of hosts refused to disclose by how much he exceeded the speed limit, but he did tell DailyMail that he usually tries to abide the speed limits.

“It’s a fair cop. I try to respect speed limits and rules in urban areas. Out on the motorways and in the country it’s a bit different, but I try to abide by the rules in the city. I was caught this time. That stretch of road used to be 40, but they recently brought it down to 30.”

Captain Slow shared the incident with his 2.73 million Twitter fans by writing: “Bought new motorcycle. Busted for speeding in the first 16 miles.” Two days later, the 53-year old man took his bike out once again: “Went out on my new bike again today. I think I got away with it this time.”

Since he already has three points on his license and cannot afford to add more, he might want to be more careful from now on. Or, at least, try to not get caught – imagine what one Jeremy Clarkson will do if May gets a ban…



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