Over 2,500 motorists have been penalised in the space of 27 days after the variable speed limit cameras on the M4 were switched on.

On 10 October the cameras between junction 24 and 28 became active and the figures have been calculated up until November 6.

In that time, 2,588 notices of intended prosecution, which will cover speed awareness courses and impending courts dates in addition to fines, were issued for excessive speed offences.

“Whilst it’s clear that the vast majority of motorists are adhering to the speed limits, with an average of just over 92 offences per day, it’s also apparent that a small percentage of vehicles passing through this area continue to exceed the speed limit,” said a GoSafe spokesman.

“We would again ask all drivers to adhere to the posted limits.”

GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty reduction partnership includes 27 partners – the Welsh Government, the 22 Welsh authorities and the four police forces.

“The scheme has been introduced by the Welsh Government with the underlying principle that the system is designed to keep traffic moving by adjusting the speed limit, making journeys safer and more reliable,” he added.

Last month, it was reported that within the first three days of the cameras going live, 238 people were caught speeding in the variable section, between the junctions for the Coldra and Tredegar Park.

Prosecutions against drivers caught exceeding variable speed limits started on October 10, following a 14-day period during which advisory notices were sent out.

In the first three days of the cameras becoming active, figures of 60, 77 and 101 notices of intended prosecution were issued, with the Wednesday being above the average figure estimated by GoSafe.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “Although still early days in terms of measuring the success of the system, compliance with the speed limits has improved enabling the system to work as intended.”



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