Business Minister Greg Clark is meeting with PSA boss Carlos Tavares in Paris to discuss the recently announced job cuts at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port factory.

PSA said that around 250 more jobs will be cut on top of the 400 cuts announced last year, reducing the plant’s output to a single shift.

“The company explained that although the initial voluntary separation program at its Ellesmere Port plant announced in October has been successful, it needs to initiate a further voluntary program for eligible employees of a further 250,” PSA said in a statement.

So far PSA hasn’t clarified if it considers closing down Vauxhall’s factory which currently produces the Astra.

Reuters reports that Clark and Tavares will discuss a number of issues and that their meeting has been planned for some time.

PSA is expected to decide this year whether to build new models at Vauxhall’s factory, with the final decision to showcase UK’s ability to attract new investments as the country leaves the EU.



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