Insurance can be expensive, but every vehicle that is driven on public roads needs cover.

Unfortunately, this is not something that everybody understands, and many drivers are caught each day without valid insurance for their vehicles. According to the British Motor Insurers Bureau, the UK’s 1.5 millionth uninsured vehicle was seized in Haringey, North London.

The unlucky driver was a 23-year-old male, which was caught by police while driving his Vauxhall Corsa without any insurance.

According to all British police forces, the number of seizures of uninsured vehicles has grown over 4% when compared to the same period of last year. Over the last four years, over 500,000 vehicles were seized after their drivers were caught without insurance.

This year alone police forces have seized 72,000 vehicles, and the year is not even close to being over. If the seizures continue at the same rate, the end of the year figures will show a 27.3% increase in this activity.

If a driver is caught without insurance on public roads they face six penalty points on their license, along with a £300 fine. The vehicle might be seized, and officials estimate that 30% of uninsured and seized cars are crushed.

There is also a scheme to help finance and leasing companies recover uninsured vehicles, so the most valuable assets do not get crushed. According to a report from CAP HPI, cars like a Ferrari 458 Spider, or a Bentley Continental GT S V8 have been seized after being driven without insurance. We cannot help but wonder what excuse did their drivers have for their actions.



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