Bosch has designed an innovative new visor that uses artificial intelligence to block sun glare from a driver’s eye.

Throughout the last century, automotive technologies have evolved leaps and bounds but there’s one component on every new car that’s remained the same for decades; the visor. Bosch’s innovative Virtual Visor rethinks the idea of the visor.

The Virtual Visor is made up of a single piece of transparent LCD panel and features a driver-facing camera that uses AI facial detection and tracking software to determine exactly where the sun’s glare is hitting the driver’s face. An algorithm then analyses the driver’s view and uses liquid crystal technology to darken only the section of the visor required to block the sun’s glare from the driver’s eyes. The rest of the visor remains fully transparent.

Bosch’s Virtual Visor is being shown off at CES 2020 in Las Vegas where it has already received a CES Best of Innovation award.

The automotive supplier is talking with automakers about offering the virtual visor technology on future production cars but has yet to announce if any carmakers are onboard. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that a visor like this could be featured in your next new car.


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