The famous (former) Top Gear trio will return on the screens in the new 2015 Christmas Special of the world’s biggest motoring show, in a “two-part extravaganza”.

The announcement was made by the BBC, but rather than having Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on the set again, it will use motion picture already filmed from the past 13 years, featuring “astonishing footage, insider facts and quirky statistics”.

“With Chris Evans soon to get behind the wheel for the new series of Top Gear, this two-part extravaganza celebrates the best and brightest from the Clarkson, Hammond and May years”, BBC said in a statement..

The Christmas Special will be voiced by English comedian and actor, John Bishop, and highlights will be presented by guest stars.

“Top Gear: From A to Z” will use every letter of the alphabet to refer to a different word or phrase relevant to the show and its former hosts, including “B” for Bark, “I” for Inch High and “Q” for Queuing. It’s not known whether “F” for Fracas will be included in the Top Gear: From A to Z, which relates to the incident when Clarkson assaulted producer Oisin Tymon that led to the canceling of the show.

The last “hurrah” for Top Gear as we all know it will be made on Christmas.

In the meantime, Jezza, Captain Slow and the Hamster are working together on a new show for Amazon. Filming for the first season has apparently begun, as the three presenters are expected to take the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder out on the track, for the debut of the new series.



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