An Australian man has been charged with driving a car that had a frying pan for a steering wheel.

Wait, what?

That’s right: for reasons known only to himself, he swapped the steering wheel in his Mazda for a frying pan. But it gets even stranger than that.

According to South Australia Police, they responded to reports of a red Mazda sedan loitering in the Norman Street area of Adelaide on the morning of September 4. The car initially drove away from police but was later stopped, at which point the cookware was discovered.

Once the police started digging, the list of charges against the 32-year old driver grew rapidly. The car was neither registered nor insured, the license plate had been illegally altered, the car was subject to a defect order, and the defect label had been illegally removed. The driver himself was in breach of bail conditions, too.

The driver was charged with all of those offences and bailed to appear before Adelaide Magistrates Court on 11 October. The car was impounded for 28 days.

At the moment there’s no explanation as to why the driver was hanging around Adelaide’s business district early on a Sunday morning, or why he had swapped a steering wheel for a frying pan. A frying pan! There’s absolutely no explanation I can think for that.

But that’s not even the weirdest thing about this. Because a series of numbers and words are scrawled on the pan that read:



& driven

to love

a Beating



There’s an unintelligible scrawl at the bottom as well, and further illegible writings in black underneath. What on earth it all means is anyone’s guess. It could be meaningless ramblings, or a code that will unlock the deepest secrets of the universe, or anything else in between.

Source: Jalopnik




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