Following the arrival of the Insignia GSi, a faster version of the Astra is also on its way, keen to take its place right on the edge of hot hatch territory.

Based on what we can see on this prototype, the car appears to be ready for production, as those fine strips of camouflage around the headlights and taillights do absolutely nothing to hide the car’s exterior design.

Speaking of design, both the front and rear bumpers remind us of those on the recently-unveiled Insignia GSi. They do look a bit more sporty and less elegant than on the Insignia, but the similarities are hard to miss.

Inside, we can expect sports seats, and perhaps even a flat-bottom steering wheel and aluminum pedals, just like on the flagship Insignia.

Still, the main question that everyone wants answered when it comes to the Astra GSi is how much power will it put down? Are we to expect that it will use the same 2.0-liter turbocharged unit from the Insignia GSi? If so, 252 BHP and 295 lb-ft of torque sound pretty good for 5-door.

It would also give it a proper amount of power to take on direct rivals like the VW Golf GTI or the Ford Focus ST, where the latter packs 246 HP of its own. However, without the Insignia GSi’s advanced all-wheel drive system, the front-wheel driven Astra would need further calibration in order to handle an extra 60 horses while keeping understeer in check – the current flagship version puts down 195 BHP.

While we can’t be sure how soon the new Astra GSi will be unveiled, judging by how naked this prototype is, it’s not going to be a long wait.



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