AA patrols have been attending an extra 225 pothole-related breakdowns each day during November.

The breakdown provider has seen a marked increase in issues caused by potholes since the start of the month, with increased rainfall and standing water hiding issues in the road surface from sight.

These rain-obscured potholes can also prove to be extremely dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists, with the AA issuing a warning to road users to watch out for potential dangers hiding underneath standing water.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Potholes hidden by rainfall are one of the worst things all road users must overcome when they head out.

“Well-hidden potholes, deeper than expected, and with the ability to cause monumental damage mean our crumbling roads are deteriorating at a rapid rate.”

Potholes can cause a number of mechanical issues to a car, with tyre blowouts, punctures and suspension damage all leading to problems that come from an impact.

King added: “An additional 225 pothole related breakdowns a day in November alone is shocking and will only worsen as more rain is predicted and the weather turns cold – causing more damage along the way.

“On safety grounds alone, we need to see local road investment maintained, but the reality is our residential streets need a massive cash injection. Hopefully, the chancellor and prime minister can level up our roads on Thursday.


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