Racing is attractive to any kind of petrolhead, and in any shape or form gets the competitive spirit going in those involved.

A team engineers are well aware of this fact, so its decided to take advantage of a few boring moments at the office to create something to keep their minds busy.

Their idea involved more parts that you would normally expect from a miniature build, but the result is believed to be a one-off when office spaces are concerned.

It all happened at SGS Engineering in Derby, where employees made all of the necessary measurements and placed a huge toy car racetrack.

The miniature racing track goes through multiple desks, and it must be immensely fun to use. They claim it was done when their bosses were away, but that aspect is less important when you think just about the result.

The circuit comprises of up to 18 sections, each with five pieces of track. Since engineers were involved, the team also calculated how fast will the cars be on it, and how much power does the entire thing need to operate.

If you ever try to replicate their idea, it is best to do the math first. The first part involves a measuring tape, along with someone to help you figure out just how long should the resulting track be assembled. Calculations are required to determine where to add turns, as well as how fast you think the vehicles could be “driven.”

Since the office or someone’s house involves various bystanders, it is important to be sure that the toy cars cannot jump off the track. The most important thing in any form of sport, even its miniature equivalents, is to protect the safety of all those involved. That starts with the racers and the technical crew, and it does not leave out the spectators. 



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