Exactly 100 bright yellow cars cruised through the small town of Bibury over the weekend to show their support for a local resident.

84-year-old Peter Maddox came under fire from tourists visiting the picturesque Arlington Row because his yellow Vauxhall Corsa (parked outside his cottage) was ‘photobombing’ the scene. Earlier this year, Maddox’s car was vandilised and had the word ‘MOVE’ scratched into its side.

In an act of solidarity for Maddox and to celebrate “anything yellow”, Coventry-resident Matty Bee decided to gather a huge fleet of yellow vehicles to drive through Bibury.

Matty Bee said “The response has been amazing and overwhelming; people from all over the country and all over the world have applied to join the group. We’ve had everything here from a Mini to a Lamborghini…I’ve never seen so many yellow colored cars in one place.”

So many people wanted to join that organizers had to set a limit of 100 cars for safety.



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