Future GM models can be commissioned with the car company’s new cognitive mobility platform, which will help customers connect and interact with their favorite brands.

The technology, called OnStar Go, will be available thanks to GM’s newly announced partnership between its subscription-based communications, OnStar, and IBM Watson. For those who don’t know, IBM Watson is a tech platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal various requested data.

To put it simply, future clients will have the equivalent of Google Assistant or Siri, though it will only amount for in-car advertising, judging by GM’s description:

“With the customer’s consent, Watson will learn the driver’s preferences, apply machine learning and sift through data to recognize patterns in their decisions and habits. This information will allow brand and marketing professionals working with IBM and OnStar to deliver individualized location-based interactions that directly impact their target audiences.”

For instance, ExxonMobil will use OnStar Go to help drivers locate Exxon and Mobil fuel stations, an authorize payment inside the vehicle, while Mastercard will allow the passengers to make secure payments for goods and services without leaving the car. ExxonMobil, Glympse, iHeartRadio, Mastercard and Parkopedia are the first brands to join the platform.

It might sound a bit intrusive, but the system will actually help those searching for various services while at the wheel. Moreover, it will accelerate the development of artificial intelligence in cars, and could you’ll probably turn it off if it becomes annoying.



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