American rapper 50 Cent believes he is the right person to join the Top Gear crew for the next season.

According to 50 Cent’s recent statements, his car collection qualifies him as a host for the most watched car show in the world. As Curtis Jackson explained in an interview with the Daily Star, he would “love to work on Top Gear,” and feels that he “could save that show for sure.”

However, there is a catch – he wants to get paid generously for the gig, as the rapper said that “it would cost them (the BBC)” to have him on the show.

Unfortunately for 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, merely having a collection of expensive cars does not qualify someone to become a presenter for Top Gear. Furthermore, a car collection does not make anyone a expert on cars.

Since some of the vehicles he used to own were not necessarily collectibles, and some of them were not even his, 50 Cent’s claim to the title of Top Gear presenter should be denied.

Chris Evans, one of the hosts of the “new Top Gear” team, used to have a genuine car collection, but he did not manage to be one of the highlights of the new format of the Top Gear show.

Appearances were criticized for the “shouty” presenting style Evans used, and ratings were not impressive at all. Eventually, Evans stepped down after the completion of the 24th season of Top Gear, but his spot was not supposed to need a replacement.

On the other hand, his personality might make him suitable for a Jeremy Clarkson replacement. We do not know how good is 50 Cent at talking about cars, but he could have what it takes to provide viewers with snarky remarks.

Unfortunately, for those who were big fans of Clarkson, Curtis Jackson’s sense of humor might not match that of the famous British TV presenter and automotive journalist.



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