Research by Green Flag has found that UK drivers feel so frustrated with potholes that two in five would be willing to pay more in tax or tolls for the luxury of driving on pothole-free roads.

And drivers as a whole reported encountering, on average, seven potholes per car trip.

With the majority (53%) of motorists hitting the roads every day, the pothole epidemic has made drivers feel frustrated and digging further into their pockets to repair damage to their cars.

The research by Green Flag found that 56% of motorists report their cars have been damaged by potholes, with 36% claiming they have experienced tyre damage and 17% have faced suspension damage.

As a consequence, drivers are each spending almost £230 each per year on repairing car damage caused by potholes whilst a shocking 42% spend in the region of between £100 and £200 per year. That equates to £4.9 billion spent by motorists on fixing pothole damage each year.

The research also found 91% wish their council would do more to address the problem of potholes in their region.

Although the Department of Transport recently announced they would commit £201 million to tackle road maintenance, it falls far short of the estimated £9.79 billion it would cost to restore roads to good condition.

The pothole epidemic is frustrating drivers, to the extent that 40% of drivers said they would be willing to pay more car tax or road tolling for pothole-free roads, whilst 27% would be willing to add up to five miles to their journey in order to avoid a road with potholes.


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